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Firefox is included in Google Pack which includes free essential software hand picked by Google.
You do not have to download all of the software offered. Simply select the software you require!

Mozilla Firefox, the award-winning web browser is now even faster, more secure, and fully customizable to improve your online experience. With Firefox 2, unique features have been added that make your online experience even better. Download Firefox Now with Google Pack for Free!

Enjoy a Better Web Experience

- Improved Tabbed Browsing
- Session Restore
- Integrated Search
- Pop-up Blocker
- Streamlined Interface

  Stay Secure on the Web
  - Phishing Protection (What is Phishing?)
- Automated Update
- Protection from Spyware
  Personalize Your Browser
  - An Add-on for Everyone
- Add-ons Manager for Extensions and Themes
- Search Engine Manager

More on Mozilla Firefox

Over a period of just a few years, Firefox has taken the browsing market by storm and woken the slumbering giant Microsoft. The Mozilla Firefox browser now owns 15 % of the market share. Firefox first came up with the revolutionary tab browsing and only recently has Internet Explorer copied this feature for its latest update. Search is probably the most fundamental thing we do online and Firefox excels at integrating search engines in a very smart way.

Firefox 2.0 has a lot of new features built on top of a solid base. The team's focus on performance, stability, usablity and security clearly results in a better, faster experience and users will be pleased with that. Installing Mozilla Firefox on your computer will not uninstall or change the settings of any of your other browsers. You can still use them either, although it is extremely unlikely that you will want to once you have used Firefox. Click on the blue link above to Download Firefox Today.


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